Siine Shortcut Keyboard

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Typing on your touch device just got easier


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Siine Shortcut Keyboard is a tool that helps users type faster on their Android keyboard. How? With the help of a series of keyboard shortcuts that will make your life just that little bit easier.

The application works perfectly with any other app that uses text. That is, you can benefit from it on Twitter, writing an email in Gmail, and updating your Facebook status.

The main feature in Siine Shortcut Keyboard lets you customise the keyboard shortcuts to automatically write, for example, 'see you later, mate' or 'good morning, good sir, how are you?' with a single touch on the keyboard. However, the features on Siine Shortcut Keyboard go much further than that.

Other interesting features are the new roulette wheel to write about time, a tool that also helps speed up your typing; and some new custom emotions to give you even more ways to express your feelings.

Siine Shortcut Keyboard is a very useful tool for users who have problems when typing quickly on an Android keyboard. This may not be the best app out there for all this, that honour is currently held by Swiftkey, but it is still quite useful.